Game Development / Interactive Media

Projects in Order:

1. Bunny Hill

- local multiplayer skiing game with 4 procedural maps, 8 Characters and time trial modes. I created all of the Art assets 2D & 3D, all of the sound FX, the Design, Mechanics, and Code (C# Unity). This game was released on Steam.

2. SineWave

- A peculiar drawing program that uses math to modulate different parameters. You can also just use it to draw normally, while utilizing the other features. I created the entire thing in Godot (GdScript)

3. Air Star

- Mobile and Pc tower defense rouguelike. Click and Drag to throw planes, Buy upgrades, Place towers, and defend yourself against an increasingly difficult series of waves and levels. I did everything for the game from music to code (C#). All of the Art assets, 2D and 3D, all animations, all mechanics and design.

4. grotto

- small moody 3D Platformer about climbing an old tower. Climb on the vines that hang from modular environment pieces, run, wall jump, and collect items to get to the top. I created everything in 10 days from art to code (C#), the design to the implementation.

5. "Untitled Wizard Game"

- small endless management game, where you can only hold one item in your inventory at a time. Pick up and drop items, and try to use them effectively and monitor cooldowns. Use 6 unique items to fight the 3 unique enemy types. I created everything in 48 hours from design, to art, to code (GdScript).

6. Plane Config

- a Flight simulator with some unique physics. Coded physics from scratch and added some interesting maneuverability. Created everything from design, to art, to code (C#).

7. gobOnline

- Play as a goblin in a simulation, as you meet procedurally generated towns with unique livestock, populations, and behaviors. Stay ahead of your bounty with a unique gun that scales with the amount of levels you've cleared. Created in 48 hours from scratch, design, art, code (C#)