Stack Diner

The goal of this environment was to model to image textures by starting with planes and creating the rest of the shape. By treating the image textures as trim sheets, and using camera based UV projection, any angle of a given object can be modeled and textured with ease. Because we are going for a final image or moving shot, the models can be super low poly and can have stretching, and seams running all over the place. If anything the fast modelling and texturing adds more visual noise and interest to the final composited image. Each model only needs to receive lighting information and cast shadows, so the most important aspects become the silhouette, base color, and roughness. Below are some examples of trim sheets I put together for the project. I used open source images, distorted into perspective and tiling textures. I also took pictures around Detroit to use are textures for buildings and other environment assets.

Below the Stack Diner is a made up city that I constructed by utlizing the same technique. It is based on images that I took around Detroit and the images were also used in the texturing proccess.